How StadtRAD Lüneburg works

Lüneburg is out in front when it comes to combining comfort and flexibility with environmental awareness and fantastic prices. Do you want to get out of town and explore the surrounding heathland? Or do you want convenient, flexible transport to travel to and from the station whenever you want? Our bikes are always the hassle-free way to get from A to B. 

Hire a bike and you're good to go

Hiring is even faster with the new app. It just takes a few steps to book a bike and saddle up.

Use the app to scan the QR code or enter the number

Press the red button to open the bike's integrated lock

Taking breaks

Locking and unlocking are really simple

Start your break:

  1. Press the red button on the lock

  2. Push the bike's integrated lock down to close it

  3. Select "Break: Yes" on the display

End your break:

  1. Touch display

  2. Enter release code

Please note: make sure you are not near a bike station when taking a break.  We recommend being least 50 metres away, otherwise your bike might accidentally register itself as returned.

Locking and returning bikes

When you complete your trip, you can lock your bike in just two steps. 

Press the red lock button

Push the bike's integrated lock down to close it

Register, hire and start cycling