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Something is rolling through Lüneburg!

Well? Who recognises the brand new space wonders of the StadtRAD fleet? Correct guess: Starting November 15th 2022, you will find 16 cargo pedelecs in Lüneburg's city centre - for all those who have a bit more to transport. Another 9 cargo pedelecs will follow a few weeks later.

Hiring bikes: how it works

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The new StadtRAD Lüneburg service lets you change how you travel. The bikes in our brand new fleet are always there for you when you need one.

Urban bikes at excellent prices

What does it cost? Next to nothing: you pay an annual fee plus a small fee calculated by minutes. But you get 30 free minutes in almost all tariffs when you rent a bike!

Our Bikes

StadtRAD Lüneburg brings the town one step (or "one turn of the wheel") closer to being ready for the future. Each of our rental bikes has a Shimano Nexus 7-speed gear set and a practical carrier so you and your luggage can get around town quickly and comfortably. Our fleet not only gives you flexible, emission-free mobility, but it's also a great way to keep fit.

Our rental bikes with practical luggage racks will take you anywhere comfortably and quickly.

Do you have a little more luggage with you? Then use our new cargo pedelecs with plenty of storage space.