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Our bikes - Your drive for the city

Whether for an excursion, shopping or the way to work: With the StadtRAD you will find the perfect companion for every tour through the city. 

The StadtRAD - Flexible on the road with full riding comfort

Whether for shopping, the daily commute or an excursion into the countryside: You can rely on our StadtRAD - in any weather!

Your daily companion

The robust city bikes get you from A to B comfortably and safely thanks to their high-quality functions. 

Big or small? StadtRAD is there for everyone!

The height-adjustable saddle on the StadtRAD is suitable for people between 1.5 and 2 meters tall. Look for the marking on the seat tube to find the right setting. 

7-speed drive

The Shimano Nexus 7-speed gears support you while driving - even when it goes uphill.

Everything included!

On the luggage tray you can comfortably transport your luggage of up to 15 kilograms. Fasten it with the straps and off you go! 

Safety and comfort in one

The low entry, a closed chain guard and 26'' wheels provide maximum comfort and a safe riding experience. 

New! Our packing bikes: The Lüneburg cargo pedelecs

For extra space and even more comfort thanks to the electric drive, you can rent our cargo pedelecs. Since autumn 2022, 25 cargo pedelecs have been added to our fleet. Whether for the weekly shopping, the Kita chauffeur service or the picnic in the countryside, the Lüneburg cargo pedelecs are real all-rounders and easy to use! 


To plan your tour, use the reservation function in the app: Up to 60 minutes before the start of the trip, you can reserve a cargo pedelec in your area free of charge. If necessary, you can also cancel the reservation free of charge. If you let it lapse, you will be charged €3.


The motor on the wheel supports you for a speed of up to 22 km/h.


Our cargo pedelecs can comfortably stow up to 60 kilos of payload: The cargo box can hold luggage or children aged 2 to 7 weighing a maximum of 45 kilos. The luggage tray is suitable for shopping bags, backpacks or smaller luggage weighing a maximum of 15 kilos.


The roll-out tarpaulin protects your load from rain. Please make sure that it does not extend beyond the sides of the cargo box. Please close the tarpaulin again before returning it if you have opened it.

Cargo pedelecs - How it works

1. Renting

Renting works the same way as for the other bikes:

  1. Select bike in the app, scan the QR code or enter the bike number.

  2. Tap the display on the handlebar

  3. Press red lock button on left side of lock and make sure that the lock latch on the right side of the lock opens 

  4. Pull out the station cable

  5. Start cycling 

2. Break

You can pause the ride for a pit stop at the weekly market or at the daycare center. Lock the bike and answer the question on the display with "Yes". Your personal opening code is shown on the display (and in the app). You can use it to open the bike again before continuing your journey. 

3. Return

Return the cargo pedelec to its home station. Press the red lock button on the left side of the lock, push down the lock bolt on the right side and then push the station rope into the lock - done! Please note that increased return fees apply for a return away from the home station. 

Better safe than sorry - Important notes

Before you get on a cargo pedelec for the first time, please read the operating instructions. Before your first ride, take it for a spin without a load to test braking and cornering.  

What you need to know before you ride: 

  • A maximum of two children between the ages of 2-7 are allowed on the ride. They must not weigh more than 45 kg in total and exceed a seat height of 59 cm. Please buckle them in with the adjustable straps in the cargo box. 

  • Helmets save lives and are strongly recommended by us. 

  • You can check the charge level of the motor battery on the display on the handlebars and in the app. 

The home stations of our cargo pedelecs

Cargo pedelecs have a home station to which they must be returned, otherwise service fees of €50 apply.

Any more questions?


How does the reservation work? Where can I find stations for cargo pedelecs? Which home station is the right one? Answers to these and many other questions are summarized compactly in our help area.